What does the FDA require for M & P soap?

BuffyCMarch 18, 2003

Hello There,

I am interested in selling my homemade glycerine soaps to a spa here in Virginia. They told me that their lotions and spa items must be regulated by the FDA. Does any one know, does this apply to the melt and pour soaps? Where can I go to show them that it is o.k. to resell my soap without FDA approval? Or is there regulations to be followed?


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There was a thread here a while back I posted with labeling info. I'm sure some one will post a link. (I would, but no clue how....)
I can tell you that I contacted the handmade soapmakers guild about insurance for my business.
THe answer they sent me was that yes they deal with people who offer insurance, but to be covered you HAVE to label according to FDA regulations.
If making cold process soap you do not HAVE to label soap, because SOAP is not techinically covered by the FDA, or anyone else.
HOWEVER, M&P is NOT considered SOAP by the FDA, & must have ALL ingredients listed on an ingredient label, in the order they are in the product.

SOAP, by definition is the combining of oils/fats with lye to cause the chemical reaction called saponification to occur. In essense you are combining several "natural" ingredients, which combined together cause another "product" to be created-SOAP.
M&P soap is a a bunch of chemically made items added together to create another chemical (ok, chemical may NOT be the right word), which is why you have to label ingredients on M&P soap. Its essentially no different than buying a bottle of lotion from the store....you read the list of ingredients & they add up to make lotion. You add up a bunch of ingredients & end up with M&P soap base.

The company you get your base from should have a list of ingredients available, you can just copy it, add your own additives-clays, micas, colors, fragrances etc & print your own labels.


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Hopefully this is a link to the old FDA/Labeling thread Hazel mentioned. It has expired off the boards here, but this link should take you to Google's cached copy of the thread. Let me know if it doesn't work. If you read down a couple of responses in this thread, you'll find the labeling info.


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