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dee_can1September 8, 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm feeling the sewing urge again as we approach Fall, and I decided to make an ereader cover for my ereader. I got McCall's pattern #6091 today, and I'm trying to figure out how I determine whether the pattern for the small cover (A) will fit my ereader (a Kobo). Has anyone made this before?

Here is a link that might be useful: McCall's Pattern 6091

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My apologies - I see they give the measurements for the small cover. I'm wondering, though, if anyone has made this, and if they had to adapt the pattern to fit? Thx.

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lol. OK, I'll rephrase my question... Turns out the pattern isn't the same size as my reader. How do you make a pattern fit? Do you just cut out the fabric with the same measurements of whatever you're making it for, and then add a seam allowance? How do you account for 'thickness'? Measure the depth? Thank you.

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When I've made paperback book covers I measured the "circumference" of the closed book from the right edge of the front cover around the spine to the right edge of the back cover, then added seam allowance on both sides. Measure top to bottom and add seam allowance to both. If you're making a quilted or padded cover it should work with the same measurements...the extra thickness will allow the cover to be taut over the surface when it's closed. If you're not making it padded, I'd stitch a little bit inside the seam allowance (making it a little smaller) for the same reason.

Does that help at all?


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Yes, that helps, thanks Donna. I have to add a piece of cardboard, plus non-fusible fleece. I'll give it a try, should be interesting. Thanks again.

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Hi Dee
I used the same pattern to make a cover for my Kindle 2. I altered the pattern a bit because I wanted to "cover the cover" of my Kindle. The pattern seemed to be for a "nekkid" Kindle and I wanted to keep the hard cover on mine. I used the pattern pieces and just played with it until I got what I wanted. I have never seen a Kobo and when I did a search, it looks to be about the same size as a kindle, maybe a bit smaller (the dimensions were in metric and I don't know those). The pattern is a good place to start anyway, better than just winging it blank. My Kindle has been sporting a cheerful pink flip flop cover and I plan to make another to reflect the fall season. Nicer to handle than the fake leather.
Enjoy your e-reader, I think they are the best thing ever.

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Hi Murphy, Glad to hear from someone who has made this. Yeah, I think the pattern is for the Kindle, too. I'm going to play around with it, like you suggested - I have some scrap material that I'm going to use just for practice first.

You don't have any photos of your finished cover do you? I'd love to see it, if you do.

One of the most frustrating things has been finding a cover (that opens like a book) for the Kobo. Guess they forgot about that - lol. They are supposed to come out with something this fall, but I'm getting impatient. ; )

Thanks for your help. : )

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I had an inquiry about the cover, so I'm posting a few photos of it in case others are interested in knowing what it looks like. It makes the ereader a lot easier to hold while reading, and protects it.

I had to adapt the pattern, heightwise (by shortening it), to fit the Kobo , but I left the width the same. I also had to make the four corner ribbons longer, and place them inside farther to fit around the ereader.

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Looks Great! And I know I like the feel of fabric over plastic or fake leather! It is a great pattern for an e-reader. Easily adapted for whatever size you need. I used velcro instead of the magnetic snaps and works just fine.
Don't you just love the e-reader?

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I like the feel of fabric, too. And I made a discovery, that I could open the cover all the way back and snap it open so that I don't have to use two hands to hold it like a book (if you get what I mean)...

I do like the e-reader, and I finally read my first book once I got the cover on. I didn't read anything until then because it didn't feel comfortable holding it. : P

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