using essential oil or fragrance oil

arkansas_girlMarch 29, 2007

I'm wanting to purchase one or the other to use instead of perfume say to put on my wrist. Which do I buy? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm thinking if I get essential oil I can use it also like in the bath water or to mix with bath salts? Maybe it doesn't matter which one I buy?

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Either one, but both will have to be "cut" in a carrier oil to be put on your body.
Jojoba, Rice Bran, Soy, Sweet name a few.
And either(EO or FO) needs to be skin safe..and some may even say to only use at certain percentages.

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I have to mix them with oil? Anything else besides oil? I don't know if I want oil all on my what is the base of department store perfumes(or eau de toilette)? What could I use to make it more like that? Is it just alcohol? Like say what if I wanted to make a "toilet water" like they used to call it? How would you make that?

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Here, try this...I think the link below will give you some starting points.

I make solid perfumes..
It's a little oil, beeswax and skin loving butters (usually Aloe) scent and use that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perfumes

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hey!im just starting to make scent tins and i love the the smell of plumeria and gardenia and jasmine but when i ordered those fragrance oils they smell horrible! i put them in my product and its awful,it smells nothing like the plumeria,gardenia or jasmine ive ever smelled!is there something im supposed to add?or am i doing something wrong?

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Well unfortunately with'll get quite a variety of interpretations of the scent.

I personally like a Plumeria that I think is actually a Dupe of Bath and Body Works.
Which is a blend of things, not just the "scent" of the flower.
However if you are looking for a "truer" plumeria, you might want to look for a scent listed under Frangapini.
Again I think almost all fragrance oils that are florals are blends, not "true" single "note" scents.
Check out Oregon Trail Soaps..I'm pretty sure that Susan and Juan have devised some spot on florals though.

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I have had good luck with Plumeria from Brambleberry.

Be careful with all scents, whether EO or FO, especially if using on skin.

For example, I would use far less cinnamon (can you say ouch!) in bath water as opposed to lavender; measure by the drop in your bath water rather than by a portion of an ounce.


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Thanks for the advice! I actually found this place called tonys fragrances and oh man! they are so great! better than anywhere ive tried so far, but they are a little higher

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Yes from what I hear, Tony has some great ones.

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