Backsplash suggestions for 'Copper Canyon' granite

luvpatch2May 6, 2011

Hi! I have chosen "Copper Canyon" Granite for my kitchen and would love some suggestions for the backsplash. I have kraftmaid honey oak cabinets and my walls are a "melted butter" yellow. WE have purchased stainless steel appliances. I need to choose a backsplash next week. Any help would be fabulous!

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I would go with a nice bone or cream colored crackle subway tile. It is a classic look and goes nicely with golds and yellows. It also will let your granite take center stage.
I think some on this forum have used a brand called Rixi. I hope I got that right. I am using Senio tile which makes a bone crackle tile, but it is very hard to find.

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Here are a few ideas....

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pics 2, 4, 6, 7 or 9 type BS. plain. the others boggle the eyeballs! and distract from the granite.

the accent row on 7 is even distracting. maybe just 1 row of an accent. or something not mixed like 7 is.

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luvpatch, can you provide some more info on your other choices so we can get a better idea of what kind of "vibe" you are looking for with the end result? As you can see from the pictures Boxerpups provided, you can take the same color of cabinet and granite, but with a different style of door, handle/pull, edge treatment, even range hood and evoke a completely different feel to the kitchen. In the pictures above, to me #1 feels Arts and Crafts/Mission, #2 feels Tuscan #3- Zen contemporary, etc.

Backsplashes are the jewelry the complete the look. That's why so many of us struggle with them! I hemmed and hawed for a year before picking a backsplash so I feel for you! Sounds like you like warmth so far. What else?

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Yes I am one who has the Grazia Rixi crackle. Check out the web site. There are a few of us who have been very happy with it. When installed it looks a bit uneven giving the illusion that it is handmade raher that machine made.

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Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. To answer Callimama, I love my butter yellow walls so I like either a Country French or a tuscan look. I think I probably want to keep the backsplash simple so as not to take away from the granite. I have brushed bronze knobs on my cabinets. I like the look of Boxerpups #2,5,6,7, and the last one. Two other questions I have. Do I want travertine or ceramic tile? I love travertine but am concerned with staining if something like spaghetti sauce gets on it.Any experience with that? Thanks for everybody's help. Sorry I'm unable to post pictures right now. My camera has been giving me some trouble.

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What are some background suggestions for Gaillo West granite with black sinks and faucets and cracker bitz colored walls? The cabinets are an off white with mocha glaze.

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Travertine would be great! I can't speak to travertine specifically, but I do have a stone backsplash and a sealer is a must. It does keep the grease, sauce etc. from permeating the stone. I have heard good things about sealed Travertine, hopefully someone can chime in.

Stampnjoan, you may want to start a separate thread for your question, so your question will be seen.

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Your granite seems similar to mine. I have Millennium Cream granite, and I am one who chose the Rixi tiles. I have them in the Crema color and am quite happy with the back-splash. I will try to include a couple of pictures. Backsplash From Backsplash

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Boxerpups - Do you know what the backsplash is in the 7th picture?

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I believe it is a tumbled travertine tile.

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