Newbie w/question on M&P

MoAtWorkMarch 10, 2003

Hi everyone! I'm very new to this craft, it looks like it will be addicting!

I love the look of the M&P glycerin but find that it is "harsh" on the skin. We only use dove soap due to sensitive skin, especially Grandie who needs a moisturizing soap. Is there anything that I can add to the base?

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Welcome! I have added about 1 T of liquid vegetable glycerin per lb. of M&P and that seems to help. You could also try olive oil, cocoa butter, or baby oil, but be careful not to add too much or your soap might not harden. Good Luck :) Becky

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Hi there! It might also be the m&p base you're using - some of them contain some pretty harsh detergents, chemicals, etc... I have eczema on my hands and can't use most soaps but I'm fine with good m&p...

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Thanks Becky! Coconut butter sounds good. Where would I get that? drug store?
Tararara,thanks for the info! I just bought whatever brand they had at joanne's. I'm sure it isn't high quality. Grandie has eczema all over so this soap won't be for her to bathe with. I did get concerned when my hands felt rough and dry after making my first batch.

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I get my cocoa butter from the health food store, but I'm sure if you tried other places you could find it. :) Becky

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Your base may have alot to do with it, also if you are scenting it, the oil you are using to scent it with. I have customers who can't even use the stuff from a dermatolist that cans use my soap, & are so glad to be able to use scented soap again.
A good base & good oils may make a bigger difference than additives to a bad base.


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Thanks again Becky! I'll check the health food store.
Hazel, I guess I'll finish using the base that I have, right now I'm making favors for a baby shower and just generally playing around. What type base and oils do you recommend?

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Craft store base is notoriously harsh. And, luckily, much more expensive than the good stuff! You pretty much have to get good base online - try is a good one, too, and I've heard good things about their fragrance oils.

I prefer to use essential oils for fragrance, and some of them (like lavender) are really mild...

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Joanne base is the worst M&P ever. I posted that somewhere on the forum in one of my rants. Besides having an awful scent, it's awful quality. It's hard and dry. I'm definitely a huge fan of WSSP base.


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Thanks Ladies! I guess that is why it was on sale! half price. I had planned on only doing decorative soaps at first, looks like I'll stick to that plan until this stuff is gone!
Thanks for the urls Tararara! and Heather for your endorsement of WSSP. Looks like I will order from there after this awful stuff is gone.
I should have checked here first, but unfortunately I just had to go right out and get supplies!

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