Salt Glow

Jennifer_PMarch 25, 2004

Susan - salt glow, body polish, salt scrub --- all about the same stuff, just named different things by different crafters. We make a "Cleansing Salt Glow" which is sea salt combined with various oils and some of our liquid shower gel. It cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes in one step. Yes, it will settle with the oil rising to the top. You have to really stir it well to use it. Just jump in the shower / get wet; scoop some (stirred) glow into your hand and rub over your body. Then rinse off. The salt exfoliates the dead skin and lets the body absorb the oils. It's really good for problem areas like feet / dry legs. We demo it at the craft shows --- but only on hands! LOL. Oils we use are: canola / sunflower or safflower / jojoba / almond / coconut. We add glycerin and vitamin E as well as fragrance and a bit of coloring. The liquid soap doesn't really bubble since the oils weight it down but it does help in keeping the "grease" factor down and also minimizes the shower slippage factor. Many of the ones we tried felt way tooo oily. The coconut oil helped us get the right balance of silky not greasy.


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Thanks, Jennifer.

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