Craftsman GDO Issues

endgameDecember 4, 2010

I recently moved into a new house. I have two GDO units, and am having trouble setting up my two remotes to work how I want. I would like to be able to open both doors using the same remote and using multiple remotes(One remote in both cars that can open both doors if that makes sense)

After digging around on here I have learned that one remote seems to work on the "Billion" code, and the other on the "Smart" system.

I have found I can program my keypad and the "smart" remote to the main opener, but the "smart" remote won't link to the other opener.

The "billion" remote will link to both openers, but will not allow the keypad to function with it. (Or the other opener, which makes sense per some of the other topics I have read on this forum.)

I assume the second GDO cannot use the "smart" code. Am I better off buying a "billion" code remote to do what I want and replacing the "smart"? If so do I have to replace the keypad with a "billion" keypad???

Thanks for any feedback, I am getting frustrated on this one. I don't have the opener model numbers handy, but I will pull them later to post if needed.

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I think if you go on the "garage forum" you will get the help you need. I thought I was going to get great ideas for organizing the garage- all it is is 1 problem after another with garage doors & remotes!And a couple of guys that tell you how to fix your problems!! Good Luck!

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Based on your post it appears the openers are either from different manufacturers, different "eras" of manufacture or both. In order to properly address your situation it is necessary to provide the manufactuer and model number of both openers and the keypad.

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