Looking for wedding and thank you molds

CraftyGirl75March 12, 2003

I posted this in a comment on another thread, but hoping no one minds if I post it here where it will get noticed.

Looking for wedding and thank you molds. I actually did find a nice wedding mold at soapymolds.com, but I an looking for a nicer script thank you. The ones I have found are plain text, or really shallow (for chocolate). I am tired of looking. Anyone have a source?



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dip. duck crossing.

things that're seen on roadside signs?


i'd like to know if you find anything good too...i have a couple wedding's coming up and thought some soapy gifts would be nice. and yeah, soapymolds.com is the only place i've seen wedding themed molds.


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Well, I thought I knew where I would find a fancy script thank you mold for you (I know I have seen one!) but can't find it now! I'll keep trying!

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Heather - Don't forget that you can use a rubber stamp to impress 'thank you' into just released soap. And you will have the freedom of whatever shape, size, of soap mold you choose. I bet you can find just the fancy script you are looking for in a rubber stamp - lots more selection than in molds.

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