sears garage door opener will not go up

bernie13December 19, 2009

I have a sears craftmans opener model 139.53930. It has been working fine till a week ago. It is in the down position about 5 inches off the ground. When I activate it to close by any means it goes down to the groud then goes back up to 5 inches off the ground. If I try to open it it will not go up. Can anyone shed some light.

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Check your door springs. It sure sounds like you may have a broken one. Also remove the cover and check the drive gear. It is a white nylon gear just in front of the motor and may be bad. It should be obvious if it is.

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I had the same problem. Our handyman fixed it for us - it was the spring, somehow came loose or something like that. Nothing wrong with the opener itself. Also, the laser thingies on the bottom inside sides of the doors were off level - those are the little safety lasers that automatically open the door back up when something (or someone) is in the way of the door closing.

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