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JoC__SCMarch 4, 2003

And you guys are going to get so tired of my questions, but here goes more:

Any opinions on molds or fragrances from "Bubbles n lights"?

Can I use non-stick bakeware for soap molds?



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Never used "Bubbles & Lights". Maybe you should post the link! Never even heard of them. Here's a quick list of the companies I like.** Wholesale Supplies Plus, Holly Hobby, & Candles and Supplies.

I also ordered from Autumn Windz, but never received my order, and so far no money back. While most internet companies are good, you have to take caution. From now on I'm only ordering from places where others have ordered from with positive results.

As far as the bakeware as molds: You'll hear contrasting opinions on that one. Some books say not to use and others tell you that you can. This is a part discussion we had on them last year:

"Soap oils (or something in the base) break down the metal molds. Everyone says that you CAN use them, but you should use a mold release. I frown on mold releases even though I've never used them. Hazel would be a good person to ask the opinion of on this. I have a book which suggests Pam or vegetable oil or petroleum jelly as a mold release. However, I read from one person on here somewhere that she used PAM as a mold release and her soap was yucky (sorry for the childish term there folks). I believe she said that the sides and top were slimy. And you can't just wipe that off. I have used the valtrompia bread tubes (metal) but they have a removable top and bottom. I was able to just push my soap out, much like using PVC pipe. They also say that the metal isn't good for the soap, but I'm not exactly sure what it does. I haven't noticed any discoloring on the soap that I made from the bread tube." Heather

And a reply from Hazel:
"If you use a metal mold (That's how they make the sliceable loaf sold in some gift shows-bread loaf pan as a mold) try putting it in the frigde or freezer for about 1/2 hour,(freezer about 10 min) thentake it out & let it sit a bit on the counter or table. the soap will sweat somewaht & it usually slide out w/o much trouble. Try not to touch it much, & let dry so you don't leave prints all over it if that's a concern.
You can line a muffin time w/paper liners & when the soap is set, remover the liners. leaves an interesting look to the side. I was involved in a soap swap last year where a girl did soap like that-german choclate "flavor" with white opaque soap grated on top like coconut. I think she had "glued" the coconut on with soap base or alcohol."


**I am not affiliated in any way with these companies. These are just me opinions!

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If you use metal bake ware as a mold (or any other food container) DO NOT USE in food prep or storage again. If you use metal & have to wash it, dry thourghly to prevent rust. ( I stick mine in a warm oven to dry.)


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Thanks so much ladies.

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Hi Jo - More good on-line sources - Brambleberry, Heavenly Country Scents, Soap Wizards, Kangaroo Blue, Soap Good luck, Sandra

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I have used Bubbles n Lights before. I thought that the fragrances were very good quality. I ordered their sampler pack and they shorted me 1 fragrance because they were out of it. I thought that they should have told me or emailed me so I could make another selection. That was the only problem I had. I sent them a friendly email to let them know the way I felt and they never emailed me back. I thought that was pretty rude, but as far as I can remember it was a good experience overall. If you order from them, let me know how it goes.
I have used non stick bakeware and it was fairly easy to work with. My only suggestion is to make sure that the base is smaller than the rim and that the surface is smooth to allow easy unmolding. You could even grease lightly with oil. That has helped me in the past. :) Hope this helps!

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Thanks Becky, and I wondered if you could line the bakeware with plastic wrap. I have a mini spring form pan that I want to try.

Here is the link to Bubbles 'n' Lights

Cedarvale is another company that looks very interesting, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bubbles 'n' Lights

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