Best tile for a mudroom/laundry area

sis2twoJuly 25, 2014

I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to replace our peachy beige floor tile in our laundry/ mudroom areas. I have lived with it for 14 yrs. and trying to paint and decorate around it has been a nightmare. The new tile will butt up against ourt heart pine which runs thought our home. Does anyone have suggestions for a tile that would be neutral and work well in those areas? Thanks!

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I just got home from Home Depot, after picking up 2 samples of their porcelain wood-look 6x24" tiles, which are only $2.39 a sq. foot.

The online reviews are great, and the two colors I am sampling have a hand-scraped look, but a few other colors seemed to be just flat tiles. I've linked them below.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD wood plank look porcelain tile

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Thanks my3dogs. I'm thinking I don't want the wood look tile since it will be next to my wood floor. I want a really neutral tile this time around. While I like the look of natural stone, I don't think that will be practical in this high traffic area. I'm wondering if porcelain is what I should be looking at. Went to Lowes and Home Depot today and they did not have much of a selection. May visit a couple of tile stores tomorrow. Any suggestions as to what to look for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Look for tiles with a non-slip surface, a high coefficient of friction

Slate-look might work for you ... whatever matches the local mud.

Daltile Porcelain Tile - Continental Slate Series is one that comes in various colors from beige through reddish to greys

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Instead of porcelain you might consider quarry tile. It is long wearing and the color goes all the way through, so a chip isn't as noticeable.

I do love that wood look tile, my3dogs! Ive seen it in Germany in a grayish white color that didn't look "real" but wasn't meant to--- and looked fabulous--- and have seen it other places where it was a dead ringer for wood. It's amazing how versatile that product is.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We went to a tile store in the area that had a 'back room' of discontinued tile. We found something that coordinated well with the stone look we had going on in the next room and we only needed a little as the mud room and pantry are small. Worked great for us.

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Yes--depending on the area you need you could find an end lot or discontinued style--
just get enough for some repairs--
if you move the washer and dryer later you could chip some tiles
Basically for color I would pick something fairly neutral/light w/o much pattern so the movement won't make the room smaller...
just be aware of the threshold where new tile meets wood--
if the old tile is thinner--which many were in comparison w/newer styles--then you will have a lip...which is a trip-able moment...

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What color are you thinking? We finally did a little spruce up to our laundry area too. I could not stand the mismatch the PO had in there another minute! (I think they were colorblind or something - red and cream tile, orange walls, green and red border)


We have dark walnut floors in most of the house which we put in when we replaced the carpets. They had HW floors in two rooms and this little hallway so we left that. I like the brown withthe overall flow of the house and we have it in a bathroom we redid in the basement too. It is from Home Depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD tile

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we just had an addition of a laundry room added and had happyfloors luserna in the roc finish installed and i love it... haven't had it long enough to know how it cleans, etc, but i love the look of it and the texture...

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I have used Scotia White tile twice over the past year - once in my girls' shared bath and just last month in a new laundry/mudroom. It is light colored, but hides dirt really well, it is not slippery and in my girls' bath it looks lovely with stained wood. It is one of my favorite tiles.

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We used Armstrong Altera Luxury Vinyl tile in our mudroom, 1/2 bath by back door, and laundry. Love it, love it, love it. Looks exactly like stone, but no grout to content with, and it's quieter too. Comes in numerous colors. I just wipe with a damp cloth. It wasn't a cheap option, but well worth the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Armstrong Altera Tile

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Thank you all! Have been looking at porcelain tile that resembles slate but that may be too dark. Would like to find something that's not too light or dark.

Joyce-I worry that the vinyl might scratch since its a high traffic area. And we have front load washer and dryer which would possible scratch also but I love the looks of it.

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I looked at everything and finally chose this from Lowes.
I have horses and dogs and this back entry will see some abuse...well the horses don't come in but...
It only comes in this color but it is porcelain and we can use it out in the unheated garage landing too.
It is very thick and sturdy and quite rough texture. Like a brick.
I think its called Kiki something. It was cheap.

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We have real slate in our mudroom. It is perfect. Does not show dirt at all, cleans up easily and the rough surface provides good traction when it's wet . We've sealed it once in 4 years. It butts against our pine floors. Slate-look is good too.

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We have actual,slate in our mudroom too & it is next to heart pine also. We LOVE durable, always looks clean, matches everything.

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Today I actually looked at the vinyl luxury tiles that are grouted. Didn't think I would ever consider those but the more I learn about them, the more I think it may be the way to go. Wouldn't have to pull up my existing tile and it's very durable with a lifetime warranty. It mimics natural stone including slate, and it's warm on the feet. I'm actually looking at the Armstrong Alterna Reserve stone. It is expensive, but the cost will be offset by not having to pull up old tile.
Does anyone have experience with this?

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As I have already posted on this thread, we used the ARMSTRONG ALTERNA tile in our utility areas and absolutely love it. I think you thought I was referring to the old vinyl tile. Yikes, would never use that stuff in a heavily traffic area.

The Alterna is very durable. After 4 years, there's not a scratch, stain, or any marks on the floor at all. I think it's indestructible. They even cut it on a tile saw. We opted not to grout it because I hate grout. And the installer suggested it.

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joyce- Thanks so much for your post. Do you have it under your washer and dryer and if so how has that been. That is my main concern with using this. Thank you.

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robo (z6a)

The last owners of our house put slippery/shiny light grey tile most places and slate-look in the entryway, 15 years ago. The light grey tile was dated quickly and looked horrible. The slate look wears like iron, is textured, shows no dirt, and I think has stood the test of time much better. So I like the idea of slate-look.

We put light concrete-look tile in our powder room and I LOVE it. It's matte. But I think it will likely date itself more quickly than the slate-look.

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Sis: yes, it's under the washer and dryer. No issues. The tile looks darker in the picture than it really is. Also in the powder room. No issues at all. We also put it in the basement bathrooms which has radiant floor heating. No issues there either. And I know that our grandkids have almost flooded those floors by leaving the shower curtain on the outside of the tub.

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joyce- those look amazing! I'm looking at the Alterna Mesa Stone in Moss. Looks very much like slate in a deep grayish moss color with brown running through it.

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