can i mix acrrylic or oil paint in making colored candles

ashishmazmudarMarch 7, 2011

out here in ahmedabad, a small city in India, we do not have any specialized shops that sell dyes or pigments or anything of that sort, specially for candle making. instead of using wax crayons (which the whole world does) can i mix oil paint or acrylic paints into hot wax to make colored candles ????

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I would advise against it. Those things were not made to be burned and may give off toxic chemicals, if used in a candle.

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An alternative to adding color might be to leave the candle a natural color and blend dried herbs or flowers, or beads or trinkets into the candle wax in such a way that they are visible, through the wax, at the sides of the candles, for interest.

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