Plugmold or not?

Kristen HallockMay 22, 2013

We have our kitchen down to the studs. I am trying to decide if I should make my husband install plugmold or not? He says he will do it if I want. He's never used plugmold before. But he has wired outlets and light switches. He thinks maybe plugmold might be easier? Since he just has to do a few strips instead of a bunch of different outlets.

Here's the thing though, I only have a few places where I would want it. I'd want it in the cabinets on either side of the sink. I would like to keep my regular outlet that is in the corner of the kitchen (to the left of the sink) because I usually keep my KA mixer plugged in there. Then I would want it in the cabinet to the left of the range. But in the cabinet in the corner at the left of the range, I just want a regular outlet behind the microwave, and then a regular outlet below the microwave, on the backsplash because I will keep my toaster oven plugged in there.

So is it worth doing since I still want to keep some regular outlets?

I do plan on tiling my backsplash and this is a DIY kitchen remodel.


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I don't have plugmold, but I do have outlets hidden in the bottom of the cabs as well as regular wall outlets that have permanent appliances, like you describe. What you suggest sounds good. The appliances that are plugged in to wall outlets won't have wires hanging from the cabs, but plugs you only need once in a while won't break up the beauty of your BS. I'd go for the plugmold.

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