Estimates for fixing a leaky roof

scalDecember 30, 2008

I got couple of estimates today for fixing the leak.

Company A will charge $1500 for relaying abdout 125 Square foot of roof space with double layer of roofing paper. As someone suggested, an actual point of leakage may be hard to pinpoint. For the first leak, they will relay the paper 2.5' on either side of the leak and go up about 15 feet (5 x15=75 sq ft), where, there is a joint that could be potential cause for leak. Other two leaks are around the chimney area and they will again relay 5' from roof edge, for about 10 feet (5x10=50). They will reflash the chimney also. The work is guaranteed for 3 yrs.

The second company (B) wanted to lay an 8 x 22 = 176 sqft area for the first patch, going right to the top of the roof and not taking any chances. For the Chimney also, they will lay paper for an 8 x 18 = 144 sqft area, again going to the top of the roof. They will also do reflashing for the chimney and guarantee the work for 10 yrs. The cost is $2200. (about $ 5.5 /sqft).

I talked about the option of new roof and both companies were of the opinion that roof is only about 15 yrs old and hence need not be changed. Anyway, the cost would be about 12-15K for company A and abour 10-12K for company B.

Even though company B is charging me more, I feel that the logic of going up all the way to the top of the roof is probably a better option. What do you guys think? Is the rate reasonable? Also, the company B guy mentioned that they will round up total area of 320 sqft to 400 and charge me for that? Is that normal? If so, I am thinking about going 7 x22 instead of 8 x 22 and get charged for 300 sqft instead.



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This is a response to your other post on this forum:

The o.p has a tile roof. The tile is not what needs attention or replaced,(with the exception of broken tiles), it's the underlayment. Possibly it might be a case where the tiles will need to be pulled up,(tile is easily removed), and new underlayments/flashings replaced. Replacing the tile would be assnine and if any roofer tells her they need a whole new roof, they will be dupping them.

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