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haldSeptember 7, 2008

My Troybilt walk behind lawn\leaf vacuum (csv060) needs a new bag. They want over $250 for one.

Does anyone know where I can get the proper fabric to sew a new bag for it? I've searched on the internet and also checked JoAnne Fabric and Hancocks's. No luck.

I'd prefer heavy nylon or polyester mesh, instead of the felt the machine came with. I've also looked at monk's cloth, canvas, etc. Any experience which is best?

My machine runs fine, has a lot of life left...just need to make a new bag.

Thanks in advance -


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The bag that came with your lawn mower may be made with that particular fabric because air can go thru it. Otherwise it might just blow off. Remember, they make hot air balloons out of nylon because air does NOT go thru it. Just something to think about.
Kathy G in MI

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Have you checked at a place that makes awnings? I ask because a lady I worked with her MIL worked at such a place and made us all a wonderful shopping bag made of heavy net screening material........a place that makes canvas tents or something like that kind of screening seems to work. It is just an idea, check into tent making or screen making places......perhaps they will have something that will work. The MIL worked at a place called "Alberta Tent and Awning" here in Canada. You might find something that will work.....loose weave burlap might do for a while at least......air would flow between the weave . Grasping at ideas........budster

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Thanks. Bogman in the lawn mower forum gave me the web address of They had a bag that would fit for just $80.

I'd still like to find a source for the material, though. If I find one I'll post it. Thanks again.

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Hald--Something like Sunbrella shade mesh or Phifertex might work. Or even a good grade of shade cloth that you might find at a home improvement store?

Try Googling 'outdoor fabrics' and you should come up with a number of sources.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out what fabric to use for a replacement cover for a Snapper Bag-n-Wagon. A mesh would work but the original cover is more closely woven. If anyone has some suggestions, please do chime in!

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When I had to replace the bags for my riding mower, to avoid the expense I made new ones. I just used a heavyweight outdoor fabric made for outdoor furniture. For the bottoms I used a heavy weight mesh fabric to let the air pass through.

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My shredder/schiper bag started unraveling at the top where you cinch the strap to keep it on the machine. I got deminum blue jeans and sewed a new top onto the mesh. Is there a way you can just patch the bad places or is it all bad places?

My daughter used to work at a place that sells parts for small aircraft and aircraft tools. She said they sold some fabrics there that was a mesh and might work, but after I fixed the bag and that worked, I didn't think any more about it until I just read your post.

You might want to contact them and let them know what you want and if they could send you a sample of some fabric. It was Aircraft Spruce, Peachtree City, GA.

A half sturdy fabric and half mesh might work, I'll have to think of that when my bag is a gonner. For just a bag, they are $$$ to replace from the manufacturer!

Good Luck with your quest. I thought I was the only one had the "yard bag problem" ! tish

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I purchased some mesh fabric to make extra large beach bags from a place that makes boat covers and other misc sewing for boats.I can't remember how much I was charged but wasnt very cheap, but not too much if you don't need a big piece. I tried to find it in others places, it was called multi-mesh. Its vinyl coated open weave and really sturdy.I only found at one other place on-line and would have to buy a whole bolt.

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Thanks for all the responses. I'll google the suggestions. I still haven't found an exact fabric match for a lawnmower bag. I did get the bag from and it appears to be excellent quality.

In the meantime I had an idea that has worked well. I went to a yard sale and bought a pile of several big heavy fabric duffle bags, backpacks, and suitcases. I hand sewed 2 of the suitcases together, cut a hole in the end of one and attached a fabric tube with a drawstring to attach it to the leaf vac. I sewed nylon webbing to them to hang them off the leaf vac handle. I cut a hole on the side of one and sewed a piece of shade clothe on to allow air to get out. So far so good, plus they hold more than the original bag, are easier to empty because the zipper on top opens nearly the entire bag. Best of all, it cost just $2 for the pile of old fabric suitcases, plus my time sewing it (about 3 hours).

If I find a source for lawn mower bag fabric I'll post it. I haven't found even a universal bag, so I'm beginning to think the fabric might be proprietary.

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There's a company called American Home and Habitat (, see link below) that sells mower bag material. I realize this message thread is a few years old, but figured people might still find this info helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lawnmower bag material.

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