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yatyatMarch 14, 2006

Hi there,

I am new to soap and lotion making but an opportunity came to me and i can buy some supplies from an ex-soap and candle making person at quite good price.

she has mainly carrier, frangrance and essential oils but all is about 2-3 years old. are there shelf life for these oild and will they still be worth buying?

thanks tons in advance.


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Well I'd say that might be pushing it. Were all these oils kept in glass amber bottles and stored in a dark cool place?
Some might be fine, others might now.
I'd definately not buy until I could sniff and look at each and every thing.

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thanks terri,

thats exactly what i thought when i heard how old the oils were. she said she had them stored under a staircase. and the essential oils are in either litre bottles or 5 litre bottles, but didnt say if they were glass. i think i will pass on them ...

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gosh I need spell checker. LOL
now=not. LOL

I would say if you were going to use them in things that weren't going on your skin directly, they might be alright.
Candles, airfresheners...that kinda thing..but I'd be very leary for skin use.

I admin a forum that has candle makers and soapers and Bath and body people.
Come on over...

Here is a link that might be useful: Candlebrew~Applications are processed daily

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Essential oils and some fragrance oils have a rather long shelf life. I've been soaping for over three years and have a few bottles of essential oils that still are as good as they were when I bought them.

However, some of your carrier oils can go rancid if they age, while others will keep longer but not 2 or 3 years normally...or at least I haven't had carrier oils last that long.

I would check prices of new items, verses prices of the items that are for sale and compare..and..if you're close enough to the person selling them, I'd go take a few sniffs of stuff.


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thanks kahfess,

i did check out the stuff and actually bought it all from her. the essential oils all smell fine and she had a lot of amber glass bottles and plastic bottles that i can use, so i thought what the heck and bought them all. also lots of candle supply although i have not even tried making candles.


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:-) toys!! I love it when I get a batch of new oils in! It always is a delight to mix something great smelling up. Have fun!


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