How far in advance can you make up soap & still have it smell?

Jill_NCMarch 1, 2003

No, I'm not thinking about Christmas presents just yet...but I was thinking about how far in advance can you make up your soap (M&P) and not have your scent disappear? I know there are probably a lot of variables that could contribute to scent loss (not enough in the first place, poor quality FO/EOs, etc). If I wanted to make up some soap for my mom for Mother's Day - is it too soon? How 'bout Christmas? (ah--just kidding!)

Seriously...can anyone clue me in on this?


Jill (who's actually starting to make some nice smelling soap for a change!)

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To some degree it does depend on the oils, also where/how stored. I make my soap, wrap it then store in ziploc bags, 1 scent/bag, & all the zip top bags in a banana box from the grocery store. (I know there are better methods of storage, BUT the banana box is great for carrying in & out of shows, & hold up to lots of weight (150+ bars of soap).
The samples you got were fresh made, but if i sent you any full size bars prior to the samples, they were poured in early november. As long as they are well scented & stored well, 6 weeks+ prior should do fine, possibly longer. Remember-we get used to the smell, but if you send/give them to someone they will think they smell great.


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