Vinyl Siding/Coil Colors Advice please!

sweatequitymomJanuary 16, 2010

Hi, new to this site. Newly divorced mom trying to make a cozy home out of this 966 square foot ranch style house on a slab. I cannot add pic, but here is my question:

Using prairie wheat siding with white soffitt/fascia. Have a large picture window with built in white sash and all windows in house have built in white sashes (I love them, smile : ) White single stall garage door.

Roof is a deep hunter green. Contractor wants to know if I want the coil to be dark green too. I am worried that with the dark roof, dark green shutters being added, and dark green full view storm door...the dark green coil with make the house look even smaller. Do you think that white coil would look better? He mentioned the green coil when he thought that I wanted a white storm door, to add green as the roof is green.

Any info most appreciated. I wish I could add a pic. But picture a cracker box, paint it yellow with a green roof...that's it! LOL. Thanks!

Lyn in Illinois

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Hi Lyn, So glad you have joined in with posting. Gads feeling a little DOH here. What is a coil?

Your house sounds darling.


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Welcome Lyn! I'm in the dark also. What is a coil?

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