Sears 1/2 hp GDO reverses direction

pensacolianDecember 21, 2008


Lots of good info on thie forum. thank you.

I have an older unit without the door sensors. I recently replaced the drive gear. After restarting it reversed direction twice due to force on down movement (I forgot to adjust the limit switches before I turned I back on.) Now it will only run down for about 2 seconds then it reverses direction and stops. It does this with the door connected, door not connected and even with the chain off the sproket. I tried adjusting the force screws but that made no difference. I tried running it with the speed sensor plug disconnected. Same result.

During intallation of the drive gear, the instructions said to disconnect the speed sensor. At that time I wasn't quite sure where to disconnect it so I didn't. That didn't seem to be a problem, but I thought I'd mention it in case there's something involved there I can't think of.

I appreciate any advice you may have. Any ideas?

Pensacolian (1st forum entry)

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Make sure you put the black cup back on the end of the motor shaft and that it is pressed all the way on. Make sure the rpm sensor is plugged in. If none of these are the issue, then you probably did not have the motor shaft pushed all the way back when you tightened the coupler after replacing the worm gear. Loosen that coupler up and from the front of the motor (opposite end in which the coupler is on) push the shaft back as far as it will go. Hold it there while you tighten the coupler back up and then try it.

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Thanks Don. the black cup cap was in place, but one of the leads from one of the RPM sensor lites, the red one, had come loose from the circuit board. I simply soldered it back in place and was back in business. It was this forum that taught me enough about the syustem to know what to look for. All is well now.

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