Anyone ordered M & P from Craftlobby?

JoC__SCFebruary 17, 2003

Just wondered if anyone has ordered from Craftlobby before. Seems like a pretty good price on glycerin M&P, $1.25/lb. (44lbs) Of course, $20.00 for shipping ups the cost. Don't want to order something I'm not sure about, especially that much



Here is a link that might be useful: glycerin M&P

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Hi Jo, no, sorry, I have never ordered from them. Sounds like a really good price though. Sandra

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Any way to get just a couple pounds, even if it is more expensive? I'd rather pay more for a couple pounds & either find I love it or hate it, versus being stuck with a TON of base I don't like......

Just a thought....


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wow! Thanks for the link..question thought...their fragrances are really cheap...what is the difference between oil based and water based fragrances in soap products other than the obvious? Their add says that the water based is good for soap products and the oil is good for candles, but every fragrance I've used so far is oil based...any thoughts?

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Maybe they will send you a sample of their base (1/2 pd-1 pd?) so you can try it out first before you buy it?


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