scenting a candle.....

tina_2February 21, 2006

Hi all. Does anyone know if a badly scented candle - can be re-scented? Any advice appreciated. Tina_2

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What do you mean badly? As in you don't like the scent it has, or it plain stinks?
It will have to be a mixed scent. You can't extract the "old" scent. So you'd have to figure out what to "match" with it that might work.
And you some candles are already made with the max amount of fragrance the wax can hold. Adding more fragrance oil, can make an safe candle.

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Hi - Thanks for responding. My hubby ordered some scented candle wax for me (cause it was cheap). When it arrived - it was all in a box (several different scents)- nothing was labeled. We have had everyone we know, smell them & know one can figure what the scents are. Some actually stink, that is why I asked about re-scenting them.
Appreciate the advice, guess I will toss it out.

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