Tye-Dye Soap (w/Photo!)

Jill_NCFebruary 7, 2003

Since I've been bugging everyone about posting photos, I thought maybe I should get on the stick and post one myself. Made these the other day--had seen the instructions for them awhile back and wanted to try. I got the base melted, mold ready - poured the soap and got the colors dotted in (yellow, blue, green) and swirled all before the soap skimmed over...then remembered that I'd forgotten to put any scent in it. I swear I can't win LOL! I remelted two of them and got a nice green and scented them with cucumber-melon. Left the other one alone just to see what the liquid dye would do as far as migration. The detail did soften a bit, but not as bad as I thought it would.

BTW...that IS a window screen that they are leaning up against. I did these the other day when it was 74 here :-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Jill, they look so pretty. Really nice color. I like the way the color is swirling thru. How did you get that?
By the way, it was -27 where I live last week & I sure didn't have my windows open!! Sandra

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I put 2-3 drops of each color around the soap and then used a toothpick to swirl them together. The last one got funky 'cuz by the time I got to swirling, it had started to skim over...so I swirled and then just pulled the skim (yuck) out with my toothpick.


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Looks great Jill! I had some turn out very similar to that...however, mine were an accident! LOL

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You're baaaaaaack.....back in the saddle again!!! (Aerosmith song) I LOVE those soaps - so funkadelic! Reminds me of the "make love, not war" era. The swirls are perfect as are the colors. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!!! Great job!

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Groovy, Jill!

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Quit rubbin in the nice weather, especially to us northerners!

And so glad they turned out great for ya. But don't save them, use them or give them away while they are still cool looking. The ones I made eventually turned a solid shade. I don't know what happens but those colors just start heading south. Sorry!


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