lighting for sewing room

mammasewsSeptember 25, 2009

I am getting my daughters old bedroom to turn into my own private sewing room. The ceiling is nine feet tall, there are 3 south and west facing windows,light blue walls and black carpeting. I need to know what type of overhead light would be best to use in this room. I already have 2 ott light goose neck floor lamps that I use at my sewing tables, however, I need something overhead to light up the entire room. My cutting table will be in the center of the room for easy all around access. My ironing station has its own built in lamp. My electrician is suggesting wrapped double tube florescent fixtures but that sounds too much like industrial lighting. My old house had lower ceilings and I had a ceiling fan with tulip lights and that gave me a lot of light. This house is an old farmhouse with extra high ceilings. I may want to turn the room into a sitting room at some point and don't want to make it to uninviting. Right now there is no lighting of any kind, save for the Ott lamps.

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I don't like florescent lights for sewing. Have you ever been in a fabric shop and thought you were looking at navy that turned out to be purple when you got it to natural light.

Why don't you try a swing arm wall sconce with a big drum shade over your machine. You could swing it out to shine directly over your machine when you are using it and swing it back when not in use. Keep the shade white for maximum light. That is something you could leave there even if you turned it into a bedroom. Get one thay plugs into a wall socket

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I have a swing light beside the machine but for the rest of the room I have can lights. They are nice for the cutting area, especially if you drop straight pins and it is also helpful if you sew until you get tired, it makes to whole room bright. My sewing room is a 12'x16' and we have can lights in an u shape, a shorter side where the sewing machine is and the open end where the books, notions and things like that are. I also have two regular overhead lights. I like a bright, bright sewing room and kitchen and it really helps me see. Hope this helps.

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