Soap Molds Galore!!

Jill_NCFebruary 26, 2003

Found this site while surfing around tonight...awesome selection of molds! Definitely different and hard to find stuff...

Soap Molds

Andrea--check out the dog molds!

Heather---yup, they got food!

cats, animals, celtic, name it, they probably have it!

It was fun looking around for sure.


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hey jill, thanks for thinking of me! i got my basset hound molds from them...they're pretty good molds. they're more rubbery than hard plastic so they were easy to pop out. or at least that's how my basset molds were.

and yes, they have very unique molds and they also have some really random stuff in their inventory. they do alot of business on ebay. beautiful soaps...i can't tell if they painted or poured. both? they were quick with my stuff and the only drawback is how spendy they are.

must. resist. spending...=D

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I think I've read 99% of the pages they have on that site. Wow---can't think of anything they don't have a mold for.

I noticed that they mention mica colorants a lot - but I can't imagine that all of those soaps are done purely w/mica and NOT paint. Their micas come in a liquid form...looks interesting.

Glad to hear that you had good exp. w/the co.


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I've noticed them on e-bay also, and glanced through their site. Kinda pricey, but like the idea of rubbery molds. I think I remember seeing somewhere that the soaps were painted. Either way - they are very patient.

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My feelings exactly, Crafty Girl! These are beautiful, stunning molds, but can you imagine the work and the time required to get your soap to look like that??? I am lazy- I prefer to just pour my soap and have it come out pretty! I don't think any of the molds I saw would be quite as impressive without their special artistic touches (the painting or various colors, etc.).

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