pls help, Brother needle bar question

amandalynnSeptember 26, 2008

Hi There,

I bet this will be an easy fix for one of you pros! I'm new to sewing, please forgive the lack of technicality:

I have a Brother XR-46 machine (pls see photo) and while I was sewing (darn velcro!) the needle stopper fell off (from the "main driver bar"). I have tried shoving it back onto the bar but it works its way off quickly. The needle bar is intact but just won't stay attached to the main bar.

There is no mention of this in the Instruction Manual, it doesn't even talk about the "main driver bar" at all. I am posting a photo in hopes that someone will know how to remedy this situation. THANKS SO MUCH!

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That's the needle clamp that fell off. Slip it back into place (make sure you have the 'front' facing forward) and while holding it with your left hand, use the screwdriver in your right hand to tighten the needle clamp screw (it's black in your picture.) To tighten, turn it clockwise. Do not apply strong force when loosening or tightening the needle clamp screw, otherwise certain parts of the sewing machine may be damaged.
Check your manual for 'Needle Clamp Screw'.
My Brother cs6000 manual has detailed instructions for installing the needle clamp.

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Thanks for your response! However, in my case, tightening the needle clamp screw only secures the needle in place, and the whole piece will just fall right off of the bar as soon as I try to sew again (hence the photo). In the photo, the needle stays secure in the clamp, but the clamp itself won't stay attached to the "driver bar" (see where I point to in the photo). Hope this helps clarify ;) thanks!

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Hi, did you ever get your machine fixed? Mine just did the same thing. I tried calling Brother company but I could not explain the problem to them so that I could get help.

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amandalynn, grammylady or person who knows,

Did you get a fix for your machines? My needle bar keeps falling off and it's driving me nuts.

How do you fix it or make it stay on? Do I need to buy a new needle bar (which holds the needle to the machine's driver mechanism)?

Thanks in advance,


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After a little searching online for fixes, is it the thread guide that I need to replace in order for the needle bar/needle shaft/needle holder mechanism to stay on?

It seems the thread guide pin creates the tension for the needle bar to stay on the shaft driver.

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This was happening to me also - you have to tighten a different screw than the one that holds the needle in.

My husband thought the screw was missing - it is actually a plastic screw with a hole in it for a tiny allen wrench.

You can see it in this picture also

If you look at the photo of the screw I attached, you can zoom in and see it has a hexagonal hole.

It is above the flat head needle clamp screw (the one that holds the needle in)

It is REALLY annoying that this screw is mentioned nowhere in the manual, and the hex allen wrench is not included with the machine.

Kind of an important little detail, considering it holds the needle assembly together... you'd think that they would have told you about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Needle Clamp Screw

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Ok, this problem, I think, just happened to me too. Since there's nothing in the manual, I can't figure out where the squiggly piece of mtal goes. I think it holds the thread in place, but when the whole needle bar fell off, it fell out too and now I can't figure out how it goes back in.


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This has happened to me too. I put the squiggly thing in but it still falls off.

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I was having the same problem and couldn't figure out how to keep the needle bar from falling off. I was led to this forum and the explanation posted by "mocroft" explains the problem. There is a hole directly above the needle tightening screw, which is actually an "inset" screw with a hole in it. I used a tiny allen wrench and unscrewed it slightly. I slid the squiggly thing, pointed up, through the needle assembly and then slid the needle assembly in place. While holding it in place from the bottom, I then screwed in the small screw above the needle tightening screw. This tightened the assembly and now it does not fall off anymore. I hope that this is helpful and not too confusing.

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Linda Tschoepe

OH nooooooooo. My whole needle part and squiggly part just fell of my BabyLock Creative Pro. I am in the midst of a project and this puts me at a standstill. I've tried reassembling it, but it continues to just fall off. I pass the repair on to my husband. He can fix anything! : )

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Thanks to the advise here I managed to fix mine. :)

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