jojoba spheres

sandra_dFebruary 12, 2003

Hazel - What happened with your jojoba spheres? Did you ever hear back from the seller? And have you rec'd your soap petal mold yet? Sandra

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Haven't received the mold yet....hoping it gets here's only coming from over by atlanta, so it should only take a day or two from the time she mails it......

as to the jojoba spheres....i ordered from sunshine soapworks just after midnight on the 6th. I gave them till monday, & I emailed & said to cancel my order. She called me on tuesday, apoligizing & said she had bronchitius & had been out of the office since wednesday.

I called bitter creek today, ordered jojoba spheres & some samples of their lotion base & milk bath & my order has already shipped, due on the 17th.

So, hopefully by next week I will have both new toys to play with.
I'll update you as I progress on.


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well, the soap petal mold arrived yesterday, (it was maryland, not atlanta...blonde moment......).
Haven't had a a chance to use it yet, it's a bit different than what I THOUGHT it would be. Looks just like the picture on the web site, but for some reason **I** had a different, I don't know, picture of it in my head (again, blonde....). I will try it out, maybe tonight & let you know how it goes. There are 8 bigger "petals" around the outside edge, & 4 smaller ones in the middle. The opening for the "bigger" petal is a TINY bit bigger than my thumb-I can set my thumb flat in the hole w/o touching the edges of the hole, but it goes down deep where the petal curls. will be interesting to see how they come out....will try & post a pic if i get any done.


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Thanks Hazel, keep us posted. Sandra

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well the jojoba spheres arrived today. haven't played with them yet, but they are TINY!!!!! they could be dew drops on fairy flowers.......sounds silly, but can't think of another way to describe them......was going to try to take a picture, but they will just show up as a blob. An ounce is in a zip top bag about 3" x 3". I'm going to play with some soap tonight, I'll see if I can get something done with them......


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