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sandra_dFebruary 3, 2003

Hi Everyone - I haven't been around at all lately & am reading lots to catch up. My FIL passed away 2 weeks ago & we have had family here from England & Ireland. Everyone is back home now & life resumes. Can anyone tell me how to access old threads, say from the past year or two. Like the question about the fish in the bag - I wouldn't mind re-reading some of the old posts, but am unable to go back much more than a few months. Thanks everyone, Sandra

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Hi Sandra. I'm sorry about your loss. I had noticed your absence, but I'm glad you're back.

They don't permanently archive threads here...once a post is past page "8"-it's history. Sometimes, if you Google search and come up w/an old thread and click on it - you'll get that "message is gone" ominous screen...but if you click on the "cached" link (from the Google search--at the end, past the URL) - Google will pull the thread up from the bowels of the net. It's a pretty neat thing to try if you need it.

Glad you're back!


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Try archive.org...it's just what it sounds like, an archive of the net. It's not always complete but you'd be surprised.


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Thanks guys, I'll try these suggestions & let you know.

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Success! I was able to access old threads using google &
clicking on the "cached" link like you suggested, Jill. Thanks again, Sandra

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I'm glad that worked for you. I found that out a while back and it's been SO great...especially when you do a search and find something that interest you and you click on the link and it doesn't work. The "cached" button almost always brings something up!


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