Bath Bomb Fizzes

spage1February 2, 2008

I recently purchased some bath bomb fizzes for my grand children. I bought them at a Spa and they were very expensive. To me 5 dollars is a lot for one bath. Anyway, I have thought about making my own for them. My question to you that do this on a regular basics is: Can I make them less expensive or is that a reasonable price to pay? I want to get these for my GD's for Valentines Day.

If your advice is to make them can you tell me where to get a recipe and the supplies? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Although I have made these (we call them bath bombs here, I believe) I haven't really dabbled in these type of bath goodies to any extent, but $5 is exspensive for 1 bath.

You will find out that the most of the initial outlay is the cost of the scent; much like the cold processed soap that I make.
If you make them yourself (like most items) the initial outlay may be mor money, but in the long run, they'll be way less money the more you make.

Make them and give as gifts at celebration times, X-mas, Valentines, birthdays, etc.?

Check most any soap forums, (ummm, not this one) for many recipes and suggestions?

I wonder if Terri here makes them?


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Thanks for the info, decided to just buy some and send to the girls. Maybe in the future I will try when I have more time to collect all the stuff. Thanks for taking your time to answer.

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