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sandra_dFebruary 14, 2003

Hi All - Just wanted to let everyone know about a couple of shipments I rec'd this week. One from Brambleberry & one from I ordered mostly fo from both & am so happy with them! Hazel, you're right. Brambleberry is excellent for fo's. And sent fantastic scents! I am especially happy with their's.

Also rec'd some neon colors. Talk to you later, Sandra

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I recently ordered from Brambleberry for the first time, too, and since they are about an hour's drive from my home, I drove there to avoid shipping charges. I'm so glad I did, because I got to meet some of the wonderful people who work there and go up and down the FO/EO aisle smelling everything... They really are great folks, I'm impressed. Plus, she gave me samples of EOs with my order (and they are big samples). I recommend them!

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Yes, everytime I've ordered from brambleberry I'ver gotten samples, & they are generous, maybe ½ oz size........their blackberry is really good!


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Thanks for the info on Brambleberry, Sandra! I've seen some things over there that I'd love to have and it's good to know that the service is good.


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I've never ordered from them before, but have heard nothing but good things about them. I'm going to go pull them up right now since I've got a little $soaping$money$ from sales to spend.... woohoo! Like a kid in a candy store...


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