Looking for M&P Soap Recipes

botanical_drifterFebruary 2, 2011

I would like to make bars similar to caress and oil of olay, and dove... the creamy texture that feels smooth on skin.. do they use oil and/or shea butter in them? Want the silky feel and nice scent.... like a nice moisture bar.

I'm a newbie here.



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To clarify, what you're wanting to make is not soap.

If you read the labels, you'll learn what basically make up these items that you want to make.

With Dove (this is not true soap), consider sodium lactate for the smoothness that you may be after.
Soap makers may use a number of ingredients to create a smooth feeling in their soap, you did not ask for this specifically, so good luck!

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For someone that has not made soap before, where should they begin?


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I suggest starting with Melt & pour, rather that cold process soap. If you have a craft store in your area (such as Michael's, A.C. Moore or Hobby Lobby)you can buy a starter kit.

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