Soap Mold ooopppsss (pix)

Jill_NCFebruary 28, 2003

This is a Folgers Cafe Latte container. I cut the bottom off, thinking I could fill it but use the plastic top as the bottom when using as a soap mold. When the soap cooled, I could just pop off the black "top" and push the soap time I'll tape. I thought the soap would cool around the edge and just quit leaking...but it took a while before that happened.

Even w/the was cool 'cuz I could push the soap out as much as I needed and then use a knife to slice it off with the container edge as a guide to get a nice even cut.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hey Jill, it's surprising how much it leaked. You can tell though, it still makes a good mold. Sandra

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Someone (princess soap "something or other" LOL) that I poured the soap too hot...that coupled with the fact that I should've taped the bottom to secure...but I think that the temp was most of the problem.

The shape of the soap was pretty neat though.


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I think it looks cool! Kind of like a latte with the foam running over - did you scent it with coffee? Just kidding! Sometimes oops soaps give you ideas for others.


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