Mardi Gras Soap turned into Rainbow Soap (pix)

Jill_NCFebruary 28, 2003

I had grand plans of making a layered bar with green/gold/purple. Since I only had LOTP liquid dyes, I poured a thin layer of clear in bewteen the color layers. Took this photo w/the light coming through the bar so you could see what it looked like. Guess it's more "rainbow" - I used a scent called "jewelled citrus".


Here is a link that might be useful:

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That looks wonderful! Reminds me of hard candy - I just want to bite into it! I bet it smells divine!

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Jill, that is so pretty! It does look like candy! Like jelly candy! Sandra

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Cool! I'd like to try the purple green and gold thing myself. Maybe today. I'm about to get started - weather's nasty and I had enough parading last night. BTW-Does your mom live in New Orleans? you said in the other post that she sent you some beads.


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My folks live real close to Gulf Shores, AL. I would love to be down there one year for their boat parade. One house in their neighborhood decorates a tree in their front yard by hanging tons of bead necklaces all over it...looked SO cool!


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I love Gulf Shores, my favorite vacation spot! You ought to come down to New Orleans for the REAL Mardi Gras. The copycats can't compare - no offense to your folks and the good people of Gulf Shores - LOL!


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Ooooh - that's a pretty one!

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