molly bolts in drywall

homeboundDecember 8, 2012

I needed to hang a 30 lb wood-framed mirror on drywall with those dang keyhole hanging slots. No room for error. No studs in the location where the hangers needed to be. So I ended up using molly bolts. I had not realized until today that there's a little flat "wrench" to hold the molly head (when using it in drywall) while you tighten it. Cost me 24 cents at my trusty old-school hardware store.

Did any of you guys also know about this little "wrench" gizmo? Seems to be a very well-kept secret.

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I know there is a "setting tool" that works like a pop-rivet gun to expand the molly without rotational force. I've never heard of a special "wrench".

Can you post a picture of your wrench?

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Sure, I'll post it later. I probably should call it a tool instead. It basically holds against the flange teeth while you first tighten it so the whole thing doesn't spin.

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The wrench used to (ad sometimes still does) come if you purchase boxes of 100 bolts at a time.

The setting tool is far better and usually under $15.

One pull of the lever and the bolt is expanded in place.

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Probably too late, but you don't have to use the keyhole hanging slots. You could use a French cleat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hangman french cleat

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I considered a french cleat, but it wouldn't work in this case. The mirror frame was concave due to leaning on the wall over a mantel for years (and I didn't really want to drill into the old wood).

Basically I extended the molly screws out about 3/8" inch to reach the keyholes to make it appear to hang plumb overall. This was tricky also because I had an interior designer of 35 yrs experience in the room at the time.

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