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sandra_dFebruary 27, 2003

Hi Everyone! Yeah, tomorrow is March-it's almost spring!!

Just wanted to let you guys know about a couple of new molds I bought off ebay. They are silicone molds & they are awesome! The detail is fantastic. I bought a snowball & you would not believe how much it looks like one. Also got from the same girl primitive stars & hearts,

a cookie & life-size cherries. With the cookie, I plan to make bath cookies & I have a wonderful fo called cherries jubilee that I want to put in clear base & embed little cherries. I can dream, can't I? Happy March 1st, Sandra

P.S. Pictures, pictures, I know. But I think I am living in Bedrock. We must be the last in the universe not to have a digital camera.

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You are not alone- we don't own a digital camera and probably never will. I don't like the photo quality of the cheap digital camera's, and I am not going to spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars for a decent one because I wouldn't use it that much!

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Susan--I kind of agree with you. I DID spend $600 on my digital camera, about 15 mos. ago, and took lots of photos at first, but didn't think far enough ahead to printing the photos (don't have a good photo quality printer) or saving the photos (I live in the suburbs of Bedrock and don't have a CDRW drive and have only a small 10 gig HD). I did take lots of neat shots at first - instant gratification is wonderful. Now I just take quick shots to zoom across the net to my folks and post on boards. My camera does take really good photos, but once you get them down to a file size that's suitable for posting & e-mail, they don't look so great. They are also like computers -- you buy a camera and a mo. later it's outdated technology (like mine :-( )


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Sandra, I love the silicone molds too. I bought two from the moldmakerman (MMM) on ebay. But, I think I've exhausted my funds for now 'cause they are EXPENSIVE! When I make a few more sales I can justify looking around for more.


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Magi - I know who you mean on ebay. His molds are beautiful & yes, expensive. I tried to order a couple of his molds before Christmas, but he wouldn't ship to me in Canada. Sandra

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Who did you buy your molds from on ebay? I've seen other vendors but haven't bought anything from them. Too bad he won't ship to Canada, but as you know there are others who will and their stuff is just as pretty.


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