pittsyDecember 27, 2011

i live in an end unit townhouse that has three levels which includes a basement. the upper two levels are above ground. when it rains the basement level in the bedroom gets wet with water but only in the corners of the room. i had the gutters secured and this seemed to reduce the amount of water that enters in the basement level but has not stopped it totally. i have also noticed that on the third level which is where the bedrooms are that in the master bedroom the floor is wet as well. it is only in the corner that is unprotected by another townhouse. it seems to have been doing this for sometime. i have checked the area on the 2nd level to see if there is a wet spot in the closet that is directly below this area and there are no stains, or wet marks. also in the bedroom the walls are not wet of changing colors. does anyone have any idea what can be causing the leaks in my home? will this cost alot of money to fix? please help!!

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Have you checked to see if your hoa will cover this. I believe it should.

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It could be so many things... maybe if you post a photo of the building from the outside, that would help people to help do the sleuthing.

But the idea to go to your HOA or strata council/manager is a good one, as this may be a design issue with the building or a roof failure or even a landscaping mistake that is also happening to people in other end/side units. You should talk the problem through with people who know the site and the building.

Whatever you do, do enough work on accurate diagnosis before you get talked into spending any money or doing any work. It's just a small rivulet of water, likely, and you are better off to find it than just to throw money at it at random. See my parable about a recent episode with my parents on the Landscape Design forum in the thread on mudjacking (last post).

Karin L

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Depending on how title is held and HOA rules they may have nothing to do or say about individual units (beyond appearance issues).

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