I think I finally have it right this time! (pics)

NorthEastStepMomFebruary 15, 2003

I'm hoping it works this time! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: my soaps

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Hooray! SUCCESS!
I love the sleeping kitty mold, & they ALL look great!!


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Wow! I love everything! The cat mold is too cool...and you did a great job on the horse "cameos" too. Good luck w/your soaps at the shop too. Hope you don't mind....I linked to your photo through my reply. If you want to do this when you post a message - first get your photo up on your AOL site and then right click on the photo--then click on properties and copy the photo's URL. When you compose your message here - add the following code:

(img src="http://www.photourlhere.com")

replace the ( and ) with . Make sure you have a space between the img and src, and don't forget the quotes--you need those too.

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Fantastic!! I love the sleeping cat in the basket. You obviously have the 2 color layering down pat!! Congratulations. Sandra

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Thanks for the tip Jill! I'll try that next time. Sandra, This is the first time I have done the cameo thingy, I think I just got lucky!

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Excellent work! Did you make these for gifts, to sell, or just because? I've been soaping since November and still have trouble with the two color thing. You've inspired me to try again.


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Thanks Magi! The "horsey" soaps are going to a consignment shop that sells only equestrian wear and other odds and ends that are horse related. We just purchased my daughter's 1st saddleseat suit from this lady and while we were there I noticed some very poorly made soaps there, (I'm sorry to who ever did them but they were awful :() I guess it was some lady from the west coast. Anyway, in our conversation she said she'd love me to bring some in sooooooooo... this will be my first try at public selling! The rest were made just because for now but I do want to start making Mother's Day baskets. One of my other daughters (there are 4 in all) came down today and wiped me out! LOL I love it though, makes me happy that I can still make things for them that they love. I'm so glad I inspired you! Thanks!

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You go girl! I guess I need to get braver in my conversations with retailers around here. I live just outside New Orleans which is a huge tourist city. I'll bet if I did some Mardi Gras soaps they would be a huge hit with the local retailers. Hmmmm, food for thought. Now, where do I find Mardi Gras molds? LOL!


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Here's a thought for mardi gras molds: On e-bay there are several candy molds of womens torsos. They'd be thin soaps, but we're really going for theme anyway. You could buy colored strandes of pearles from a craft store, cut to length, and drape over neck of torso for a beaded necklace look.

Just an idea.


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Magi--you could embed strands of Mardi Gras beads into the soap--that would be cool. I did do a quick search on google for Mardi Gras molds (my folks live outside of Gulf Shores, AL) 'cuz I thought it'd be neat to send them some - but I couldn't find anything.


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Thanks for the ideas! The parades start this weekend so I'm going to try the bead idea. I don't have any left over from last year. It's probably too late to get them out there before Mardi Gras this year (its March 4th, but the festivities start this weekend), but there's always next year. I have seen some Fleur De Lis molds which is the crest of our local NFL team (the Saints) so that might do well IF they would ever have a winning season again. LOL!

Oh, I did do a petal basket for someone who is having lots of guests in for the festivities. I'm going to try to upload it here - hope it works:


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The cat soap is too cute! Actually, everything looks fabulous! Congrats!

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