Cracked Grout in Kitchen Backsplash

pjray55December 17, 2009

Hi All,

I am hoping someone may offer some advice.

We renovated a 1938 Cape and gutted the kitchen this past May. We had noticed slivers of grout coming out where the granite meets the backsplash and notified the GC. I came home tonight to find his solution was to use a clear caulk in that area as a repair. I wanted to see if this is acceptable or a poor attempt at a band-aid?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Caulk, colored to match the rest of the grout, allows the countertop to move without cracking the grout. Which cracked because cabinets/countertops will move independent of the wall.

The caulk should have been used instead of the grout in the first place.

Using clear is a bandade---to negate having to remove the old cracked grout and do it right.

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They grouted a joint that should have been caulked in the first place.

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thank you both for the input and advice; much appreciated

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