Wanted: Recipes to Make Your Own Soap Base

Organic_PaperFebruary 7, 2011

Hello, I have been looking and looking for Organic/Natural or Glycerin Soap base Recipies.

I have found one but it comes out a red color. I'm looking for a white-ish color that way I can add my own color choice. I do have lists of multiple soap base suppilers, I am looking to make my own. If you know of a recipe or a link to one I would really appreciate it. If you want the recipe I have found (not personally tried it yet) I will be glad to share it.

Thank You Very Much

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I make cold processed soap.

What ingredients are you using?

The different soap that you mention, require different methods and ingredients to make the soap.

To get a red colour, I would think that you are not using the proper ingredients, if it is cold processed soap you are indeed making.

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I haven't made any soap. I'm looking for soap base recipes. I have 1 soap base recipe, the person that supplied that took pics and inclued them in the recipe. That soap base turns a red-ish clear color (from the pics). I have no ingredents because I have no recipes minus the one I mentioned. I am looking for Saop Base recipes that come out a white-ish to clear color. It doesn't have to be a perfect "clear" it can be cloudy. I just want to be able to add my own color to it and it be that color.

Thank You

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When you mention cloudy soap, you are talking about a glycerin soap based recipe, vice cold or hot processed soap.

So, if you direct your question/recipe with glycirin in the title, you may get someone with that experience to pipe in.

Good luck!

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