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JoC__SCFebruary 24, 2003

I'm ready to bite the bullet and place a big order. Tired of paying way too much at craft stores around here.

I need some opinions. (I hope I can order most everything from one place. Been looking at WSS , sure would love to order that 200 lbs and get free shipping but don't know anyone around here that I could share with)

1. Best price/quality for glycerin base

2. Coloring, powder, liquid, etc (what works best)

3. Anything you feel "I just can't do without" used to make the M&P.

4. Best selling fragrances

5. Anyone have a good recipe for using in the foaming bottles?

I don't want to get to complicated. Will probably stick with goldfish in a bag, rose petals, several different embeds, some type of liquid soap for the foaming bottles, smelly jelly---and trying to sell some supplies since they are expensive here.

Any other easy suggestions?

Thanks so much to everyone that takes the time to answer my questions.

Jo in SC

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Hi Jo! Sounds like the soap bug bit you good...

I'm not sure I can help much w/your questions, but I'll give you my 2 cents.

1) I like WSS base - they sell it reasonable and I haven't had a problem making soap with it.

2) I've pretty much just used the LOTP dyes. I was super glad to find out that they made colors other than red/blue/yellow. I also purchsed a mica/powder colorant of theirs and was happy with the results. Do you know what kind of soaping you want to do? I am really pulled towards the layers and embeds and such - more art than function LOL. With those artsy bars--there is more concern for color migration and such.

3) Molds (LOL!!) ummm...don't know what else but someone else definitely will have an answer for you.

4) This is a tough question. Are you soaping to sell or just for you and to give as gifts? I only soap for a hobby so I just get whatever I like or sounds neat.

5) Have only done soap, so can't help you here...

Sorry I wasn't much help. Good luck!

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I'm opposite of Jill - I go for function more than art. When I first started I tried everything though. Hazel is our resident soaper & seller. She'll have great opinions on scents that sell. But I think she'll also tell you it depends on location. I like the BBW scents - like cucumber melon and cool citrus basil. One of my faves is the honey almond. As far as molds go - I like Milky Way. They have a great variety and they hold up well. Store bought ones aren't worth it. Delta and Life of the Party (LOTP) do not hold up to multiple use. The fine detailed parts will soon crack and cave. If you look under the topic "Opinions on orders received" you'll see just that. WSSP is a great place for base. They are so very helpful on the phone also. Candles and supplies are my choice for scents. They have over 200 scents at reasonable prices and the scents last in the soap. I've only bought dyes locally. Liquid and mica. I'm not a huge fan of coloring soap. If I do it's pretty pale. But I do like the mica better than the liquid - as far as color goes.


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As far as just depends.
Here in Charleston, depends on which side of the river I'm on. In Mt. Pleasant florals sell well (Magnolia, gardenia, rose, charleston gardens etc). Fruit scents do sell, but florals have a higher sell rate over there.
However in N.Charleston, & West Ashley more of the fruits scents sell & the "neturals"-almond, vanilla etc. I sell out of vanilla almost every time on this side of the river...In Mt. P I hardly sell any.
And that's just regional-there seem to be the same type of "splits" for my wholesaleing across the country. Some area's prefer florals, some fruits, some "neturals".

Down here Magnolia, Gardenia (a good gardenia-took me a few years to find one), Rose, Plumeria, Raspberry, Almond, pearberry & cucumber melon seem to do well.

I think WSS base is priced well, delivery is quick & customer service is great. I prefer milky way molds, & use life of the party dyes because they are easy to come by. I also use WSS country blue (makes a nice demin blue in clear base), & soap wizards 1 oz bottle dyes (come 3 to a pack, R, B, Y) for about 6.95, I think.

Don't know if any of that helps or not!


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Thanks so much for your help ladies.

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Hazel, what kind of fragrance is Charleston Gardens, or where do you buy it? I find the name captivating.

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