Problems with my sewing machine

CharidySeptember 10, 2005

I just got this sewing machine a week ago. It is an old hand me down. Works great. This is my very first sewing machine. I really dont know much about sewing machines so please bare with me. :)

I really dont know how to explain it because I dont know the sewing terms so here it goes.... my sewing machine keeps cutting the top thread. So when I sew it looks all nice on top and then I turn it over to look at the underneath and its all bunched up and cut in 2 inch pieces. But the bobbin thread it fine. What am I doing wrong? I dont have an owners manual. :(

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Do you know whay kind of sewing machine it is? I think it could be that the bottom thread is too tight. But you really should find out what the brand is and get an owners manual. That would really help you.

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I agree with the first poster.You really need a manual!!! BUT--- in the meantime make sure you have the needle in the correct way.There are other things that should be checked,but without knowing what kind of machine it is,we can't help you very much.

Can you tell us the make of the machine???Is it a singer,viking,sears or what,also what model #.

There's a lot of help on this board,but we do need basic information to give you that help.

Hope this makes sense to you.

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It is a Brother Profile 971 (thats what it says on the front of the sewing machine) on bottom front on a silver plate it says J- A - 1 c85547539 and on the very bottom it has BROTHER J C 1 I dont know which one is the model#. It is a light green color and it came with a sewing table that has J D 1 underneath the dest. Thank you for all your help ;)

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Make sure everything is threaded the way it is supposed to be (or you think it should be seeing as you are minus a manual)..put in a new needle, play with the tension dials...take a look at the thread...does it have burrs or anything you can see which would make the thread break ..because it seems to break at such even intervals, I there anything in the bobbin case - sharp points or burrs on with your dials on the machine to see if you have better results when you readjust things...BUT before you do - WRITE DOWN or make a little mark with washable marker where they are set at now... then you can always go back to them. Start searching now for a manual - ask a local dealer if they know where you can find one (can be done by phone..keep calling around to more than one dealer)....ask the person you got the machine from (if you can) to see if they had the same problem. You are doing the right thing at the moment...see if you can fix the problem yourself - check at the library for a book on "fixing and repairing your sewing machine" You may not find your machine but a model by another manufacturer that is similar looking - threads the same, whatever...I don't have a brother so I can't help you other than these suggestions...but you came to the right place....someone will offer more suggestions I'm sure. Good luck. Budster

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I have done and checked everything. Do you think it could be because of CHEAP thread?

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Cheap thread may not be your problem but in any case, never use it!! Several others have given you good advice. Try everything they've suggested but buy a spool of good quality thread. Get the old thread off the bobbin and wind new thread on. Hopefully you know how to do this on your machine. When winding the bobbin keep the speed moderate and even--don't go too quickly. Older machines are often good machines so it might be worth having a total tune up at a dealer. For a beginning sewer it will be very frustrating having constant problems. All of us here love to sew and I hope you learn to love it too. I'm going away for about 10 days so I'll be looking to see how you've made out when I return. Best luck!!

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Did you try reversing the bobbin?Sometimes what you describe happens when the bobbin is in upside-down or backwards.....

...or when upper thread tension is too tight &/or something is catching the thread & hindering it from coming off the spool smoothly.

Or as Kathi sez, when needle is in backwards(or wrong size) - there is a lengthwise groove on the side of the needle where the thread goes in.There is no groove on the side of the needle wher the thread comes out.

You can try pulling on the upper thread (where it comes out of the needle)while the presser foot is raised - it should pull smoothly (you can do the same test on the bobbin thread too) - just to see if something's caught.

I always clean, oil & inspect a 'new' machine before using.Sometimes threads/lint build up inside the bobbin mechanism, interfere w/ easy movement.


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(happy dance!!!) I got it fixed I got it fixed :) So I was threading the machine wrong (blushing) I was not putting the thread between the tension disks correctly so there was no tension being applied. The thread would just gather up in the bobbin area... I dont know but im sewwwwing!!!! Thank you Everyone! So my very first project is a pillow for my son :) Im starting out small LOL this is great im so excited. well back to sewing thankx everyone @>~~~~~~

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So glad you fixed the problem. Several people mentioned that folks on this board would give you good advice. You'll be sewing up a storm in no time.
Susan in Bama

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If your machine has been sitting for awhile, don't forget to put a drop of oil where the bobbin sits.

Also, you can get a manual for any machine by doing a search on the net. Have fun.

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Glad you got it solved.However do continue to look for a manual,and when you find one,read it from cover to cover.
Then get yourself 2 spools of thread,same kind,different colors,but not that cheap 10/1.00 stuff.Put one color on top,the other in the bobbin.

Get a piece of muslin and go thru ever stitch that your machine does and make yourself a sample of each stitch.Just use a ball point pen or a quilters pen to write the name of each stitch next to it as you do it.Store this sample piece with your manual.Then sometime down the road when you want to do some decorative stitching,just pull this out and you'll see what you like the best for the task at hand.

Good luck,and show us your project when you are done.

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im trying to learn how to sew!
i can thread everything just fine.
until i try to sew my tread comes out of the needle.
what do i do?

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karlla, you have a short thread tale of woe going...make sure the takeup lever (the silver thingie in front that goes up and down) is at it's highest point and you have at least 3 inches of thread running out of the needle and bobbin under the presser foot and the tails to the back of the machine.

I think you need to spend some quality time reading your sewing machine manual (not glossing through and looking at pictures because you will miss alot), and get a really good sewing book, sit down and start reading. If there are lessons available in your area, take them.

Sewing requires homework and learning hand stitches also because you can't sew everything by machine. Then you start practicing the machine manual page by painful page and get sewing lessons in the process...multi-tasking at its best.

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My Grandmother gave me an ANCIENT singer 530...I sewed 3 or 4 inches of a seam, and now I push the foot pedal and it humms, but nothing happens. HELP!!!!

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Start a new posting with your problem.
You will get more help that way.
here is your SUbject line

SINGER 530 need help with pedal ++

That way those who know the Singer 500 series may be able to help and then others may also be of help.

Happy Paths to you in sewing life.


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I had this problem too but I realized that I was using the wrong thread. with my machine, i have to use a very fine thread for any decorative stitch or else i get the thread gather in the bobbin area and the machine jams. i have been using embroidery thread for decorative stitches and it works just fine. I hope this helps someone! :)

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