Cold Air Coming Through Stove Fan

naturalstuffDecember 5, 2007

House is brand new. I just realized cold air is coming down the stove exhaust pipe and through the vent on top of the stove. It's enough to get your hands cold.

Before I bring it up to my contractor, what did he do wrong and what can I do to stop it but keep using the fan?

It's one of those modern vents on the roof not open tube.


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Sounds like the damper is non existant or stuck open. the damper is a flap that closes when the fan is not running. Take out the grease screen and take a look up the pipe with a flashlight to see if it's there.

Here is a link that might be useful: back draft damper

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There will always be a draft coming out of this area. You can reduce it, but it won't be eliminated.
The first thing you can do is make sure the vent piping is well insulated after it leaves the conditioned space. In a standard exhaust setup there are two dampers. One as it leaves the vent fan and one attached to the roof cap. Make sure they are both installed. You can hear the one over the stove close when the fan is turned off. The roof one will need to be inspected.

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