Fastest easiest way to melt base

knash6February 4, 2003

Hi all!

I need to be able to melt 5-6 lbs of base at one time and was wondering what the best way to do it is. I've been using the microwave, but only 2 lbs at a time and it's taking forever to melt.

Question #1- can you melt base in a crock pot, and if so, how long would it take to melt 5 lbs. of white base?

#2- what about a double long does that take?

#3- If you CAN use a crock pot to melt it, do you have to stir alot, or can you leave it alone, do other things and then come back to melted base?

#4- any better suggestions???

Thanks alot...I'm stressing...;)


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I do 2 lbs of base in the microwave in about 4 minutes, have never used a crock pot but know others have.

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I read somewhere that you can use a rice steamer to melt base. I'll have to try and remember the source and post it for you. You can also use one of those big roasting pans (electric I would guess).


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Okay, Kristi---here it was at Brambleberry...roaster oven for 15-20 lbs of base at a time, and a rice cooker to melt 5-7 lbs of base.


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Thanks for the info! I got out my huge crock pot and am going to try it tomorrow...any tips?
Thanks for the link Jill...I love that site!

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FYI- the crockpot worked wonderfully! It melted 5 lbs of base in a little less than two hours without me having to do anything to it! No stirring, nothing. I was able to make 18 bars of soap at once and Yippee...I'm thrilled!

Thanks for the great ideas...Jill, I'll keep that roaster in mind. ;)


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Hi Kristi - What setting did you have the crock pot on - high, medium or low. It sounds like a great idea, especially not having to watch or stir it. Thanks, Sandra

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