Favorite Fragrances

kimberlyrkbFebruary 3, 2007


I am new to soap and lotion making, and am wondering what some of your favorite fragrances are? I don't have much experience with knowing what fragrances are "true" to their description, and I'm hesitant to spend a ton of money on samples or small quantities I'll end up never using.

I tend to like light, fresh scents, as well as citrus and vanilla.


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I love lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint and sweet orange. I have found that you can get essential oils for those, that smell quite authentic. A couple of seller I use are Camden-Grey and BrambleBerry.

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Good Quality Suppliers are the key to a great quality fragrance oil.
Have you read some of the threads on this forum?
I've listed several great companies to deal with.

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Hello Kimberly,
Here are some good FOs : Energy (Brambleberry's) sort of grapefruitie and fresh; Yuzu (Oregon Trail's) sort of orangey/mandrin based (best seller), and Ocean Rain (Brambleberry's) unisex scent good in the shower. How 'bout some flowers? Lilac (Brambleberry's) I couldn't tell the diff between the FO and the flower when I smelled them back to back; Freesia, also known as Frangiponi, Hawaiian flower I believe) is also a good one. Be careful when CPing white flowarls and make sure that you bring these to trace at a low (body temperature) and they probably won't seize on you. Here's a tip, spices will also cause trouble, so soaping on the cool side and make sure that you have everything ready in case the soap wants to turnt to stone and you have to move quickly to pour.


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Our Jasmine is very popular following that scent is Lavender, Green Tea and then Lemongrass. We also have Cucumber Melon and Vanilla. We have a mix of floral, herbal and fruit as you can see. People like that sort of variety.

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