where to buy lye in Tx. ?

tina_2February 20, 2006

Hi all. I am searching everywhere, to find lye for soapmaking. None of our stores, here in (Dallas/Arlington area)Texas sell it.Does anyone know, of a store to buy it?

I have checked - hardware, lowe's, home depot, grocery, craft, feed stores - already. No one sells it.I need it for wed. /Feb. 22, for a project. All advice, greatly appreciated. Please email me directly / purplegard4me@aol.com

Thank you- Tina_2

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I see it's later than you wanted, but you checked under Red Devil Lye in the toilet cleaning section?
I know I've read that they are taking lye off the market to grocery/discount store consumers...but you still might double check that you are looking in the correct area of the store.
And most places will only sell on the net locally, not shipped because of the hazmat fees and such.

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Hi - Thanks for the reply. I am ordering from ebay. Tina_2

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