Removing wallpaper paste from wall

zobeetDecember 2, 2006

The good news is the wallpaper came off the wall after diligent scoring with a Paper Tiger and several rounds of Savogran Fast. No (further) damage to the wall, and only a few shreds of wallpaper left.

My question is, what's the best way to remove the layer of wallpaper paste still on the wall? It's almost everywhere.

The jug of Fast said to use it, websites I consulted suggested warm water, fabric softener, scrub brushes and/or TSP.

Anyone who's used any of these? I'd like to avoid the Fast if possible just so I don't have to keep opening windows, running fans and holding my breath in our tiny powder room.

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Hi Zobeet,
I recently removed the wallpaper from our small mainfloor bathroom and used fabric softener to remove the wallpaper paste and any remaining paper residue. I mixed the fabric softener with warm water then sprayed it on the walls. The most important thing to remember, is to be sure to let the softener do it's work and just leave it on the walls for at least 5 minutes before trying to scrape it off. It is gummy and messy, but it will work. I used a bunch of paper towels to keep wiping off my scraper and just threw them in a paper waste bag. Also use a fabric softener that you like the smell of, because it will linger for a while. Good luck!

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White vinegar did it for me. Cheap, left the walls squeaky clean, is far easier to rinse off than fabric softener, and the smell is gone once the walls are dry. I think I used a big cupful per bucket of hot water.

I was working with plaster walls, which are easier to clean up than sheetrock, though.


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We have removed wallpaper from our drywall by peeling it off, it has left a glue on the walls. To remove the glue, I have read that a vinegar and water spray solution will remove the glue with scrapping. What ratio of vinegar to water do I use and does the water need to stay warm/hot?
After removing the glue, will I need to rinse the wall with the vinegar/water solution. Will I then need to apply a primer before painting? I'll be waiting for a good answer. Thank you

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