Dragonfly Soap w/photo

Jill_NCFebruary 15, 2003

This is a Milkway Mold that I picked up, when I first started soaping, on clearance at WSS. I had grand plans of painting on the design...but that didn't work...at all. Then I thought I'd just pour different colored soap into the various parts of the design--besides not being able to find non-migrating dyes that would work---it seemed like a real PITA. Then I remembered seeing soaps done over at FineArtMolds.Com and how they were done resembling a cameo. I thought maybe that'd work okay.

Pouring the hot, opaque base was tougher than I thought. I used a pipette and that helped some...but I figured I could just scrape out the overpour. In theory it may have worked, but not in "real" life. Then I figured the warmth of the overpour would melt the little specs of white base that were left---that didn't happen either. Then there are a couple of bubbles that you can see at the bottom of the design in the white part. The overpour was clear base colored w/blue mica powder. I was glad to see that the mica clouded up the clear because I didn't want to be able to see through it. I'd thought about adding a chunk of white, but decided against it--glad I did.

Anyway--that's how it came out. Not bad for the first try and something I might try again - but not while trying to cook DS's mac 'n cheese lunch while he's trying to get into the garbage! LOL! And y'all will be happy to hear that I finally got this bar to smell good!


ps...if you have any other ideas on how to pour this soap bar--please share! This is THE LAST "fancy" mold I'm ever buying! :-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That came out GREAT! the flaws WE soapmakers see are usually UNNOTICABLE to everyone else!
Ya did a good job girl!


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I think it looks just fine, Jill. The "flaws" you mentioned aren't flaws, it's called character and uniqueness. You are way too hard on yourself!

Honestly, I would be THRILLED to get such a beautiful bar of soap, so if you don't like, I'll gladly give you my address. *nudge nudge* ;o)


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(blushing) -- thx girls! I was pretty pleased with the way they came out (made 2). Learned some stuff too! At least I didn't add to the scrap pile.

Andrea--I hear, from a little birdy, that you have LOTS of soap to make (or at least the supplies to do it)!

Is there any other way I could *make* this bar of soap w/out doing the cameo thing?


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Jill, it's beautiful!! Yes, you are too hard on yourself.
What scent did you use? Sandra

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Sandra--I was gifted a scent called "Butterfly Kisses" and I used that.

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I love it! I had my eye on that mold too but I didn't get it. I'll have to place another order now!

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LOL...yes, I have plenty of base now, thanks to our "little birdy"! You'll be glad to know that my poor car is 100 pounds lighter now. =)

So if not the cameo look, what're you looking for? Dark dragonfly on light background? Try your tie-dye design...I bet that would look pretty cool. Additives maybe?

Sorry, I'm terribly uncreative so not much help there.

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Jill -
You just need to make more of them to work the bugs out of the process.

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I can't see anything wrong with it - I think it looks mahvelous dahling, just mahvelous!!!

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Flaws, what flaws? They look absolutely perfect to me. I fall prey to that self-depreciating behavior too. We need therapy. LOL! Seriously - Great job!


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