It's all your fault! LOL

nikki_njFebruary 27, 2003

I can't help myself now, after reading all these threads and following all these links, I am going to try making some soap for myself! I can't stand it anymore!!!

Now where do I start? I know how the process goes, I supposed I start with base, a FO and a mold of some sort. Then I can branch out into all the other stuff like additives, etc.

BTW, who has websites of their own? I've seen and ordered from Flutterbees (got them in the mail the other day, and they're WONDERFUL!!!). Who else has a site?

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Glad to know they arrived ok! and that you like them! (I got my peach in.......I'll send you one when i get a chance)


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Hi Nikki & welcome! I don't have a web site but am slowly starting to sell some stuff, just where I work, really. Be
careful, this stuff is addicting - whether you're reading about it, shopping for it or anything else! Good luck!

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Oooooh hazel I can't wait :))))) I have all 3 of them open already! I think the watermelon is my favorite, but I love them all. I could just eat that watermelon one. lol.
Oh and I meant to tell you, those rosepetals and the holly leaves were great! Thank you for sending them :) They look so pretty in the soapdish.

Thanks for the good luck :) I have about 450 sites bookmarked to look at. Makes my head spin, ROFL.

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omg, i second the "addicting" part! i just tallied up my internet purchases ONLY and just about keeled over. i was stunned at how quickly stuff added up!

well, i think i've gotten just about everything i wanted/needed so hopefully it'll slow down...please god.

andrea, who just got two boxes of stuff.
yay! but doh!

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Congrats on taking the "plunge"! BTW...we expect photos (ROFLMBO)!


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What are you waiting for? We should have pictures already! BTW - did you contact Libby?

Magi (who like Jill loooovvvveeess photos)

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I can't wait to see photos either! Welcome to the soaping world - you're gonna love it!!

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