Lotion delima, what would you do?

NorthEastStepMomFebruary 17, 2003

I'm new at making lotions. Last night I made one that seemed to be coming out really nice. I used jasmine hydrosol in it and when I was done I added a little more jasmine FO. This morning I got up, opened the jar, took a whiff and just about died! It smells like skunk cabbage!!!!! Would you:

A. write it off as a loss and throw it out? It's only about 16 ozs

B. Try to cut it down with an unscented batch?

C. Add another FO to try to camoflage it?

D. Give it as a gift to someone you don't like? (just kidding!)

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Since i'm unfamiliar with jasmine hydrosol I don't know what to say, except the 2 jasmines just may not be compatible. (Is the jasmine hydrosol made from the same jasmine FO?)
If they aren't I don't know if you can salvage it.....even cutting it down & adding more of EITHER the hydrosol or FO would still leave some of the other in the initial base amount.
Try leaving it for a day or so, shaking occasionally & see if it gets any better or any worse. Can't hurt........

(When ever i do anything new I always do small amounts, 2-4 oz, measure my oil & write it down. then after i determine if the item is a go or not i increase size)


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