No throw soy candles - FRUSTRATED!

milehighccFebruary 26, 2008

I've gone out and bought all of the correct equipment and supplies to make candles and they have turned out beautiful ... as have my tarts. One problem ... THE CANDLES HAVE NO THROW! None! My tarts smell great ... candles ... nada!


1 lb. EcoSoya CB 135 Soy Wax

1.8 oz FO

Dye color

7 & 11 ounce tureen jars

6" Cotton Core Wicks (1 in the 7oz, 2 in the 11oz)

I was melting my wax at 155 (according to the suppliers web site) but I'm going to try it hotter. I've also let them "cure" for 3 days. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I'm about to pull all of my hair out.

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I have not made candles, but I noticed that you are heating up the recipe to 150F or so. I would think, if you are adding the scent at this temp, then the scent would burn off.

Make sure that you are using the correct fragrance for candles, vice my favorite, soap.
Try adding the scent later in your method, which equals a cooler temp of the wax?

Others may pipe in with a more accurate diagnosis, but this is my $.02 worth.

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Everyone has their own technique and it is kind of the tried and true method. I like easy, and no muss no fuss. I don't heat the wax that hot. I put my wax in the microwave and use the defrost setting. Microwaves vary, so melting times will too. I have found that the soy wax from different suppliers also makes a difference on how fast the wax melts. Set the timer for 5 minutes but continually watch it. As the wax starts to melt stir it, and stir a couple of times during the melting process. When there are only a couple of small chips left that aren't melted, I remove the wax from the microwave and stir the wax until all of the chips are completely melted. Then I immediately add my dye, stir to mix, and then I add my fragrance. I add 1 oz to 1 lb of wax. I use this method for both my melts and candles and they both smell wonderful.

I hope this helps.

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I could also be the fragrance oils. I use EZ Soy and I have found (from experience) that some fragrance oils just do not perform well in soy wax. Now, I make sure I buy fragrance oils that have reviews and that say they throw well (and strongly) in soy wax. If it isn't given a review that says it has a strong scent throw in soy, then I don't buy it.

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I heat wax to about 170-180, add fo as soon as I remove from the heat source. Cool slightly and pour (for containers).

You are using WAY to much oil..and it will counter balance the scent throw. Instead of more throw you get NO throw.

Try 15 oz of wax and .8 oz of fo...

It is a myth that the scent burns off when you pour it into hot oil.

Heat wax to 170-180, remove from heat (double boiler method works best....) cheap pour pot ~ spaghetti sauce can or other "1lb" size can, cleaned well..set in an inch and a half of simmering water. (don't use a good'll never use it again for cooking! LOL)

~add in fragrance oil..stir well... set aside....stir well...set aside..stir well..pour when the wax STARTS to thicken, and to go one step further..has tiny bits of solidifying wax starting in it. (flakes, floaters)

Can you tell me what size cotton core wick?

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tarts will smell because you aren't using a flame to melt the can get the same results from just putting the fragrance oil directly in the tart burner as you do putting with wax...but wicking and combustion is a precise sceince..

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Not much to add, because the previous post is spot-on. But the one thing the OP didn't say was what actual FO was being used. I have had better results with some that with others. When you buy them, check to see if they are actually recommended for use in candles. I have had good results with some oils from Majestic Mountain Sage ( and Candle Science (

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I was told by my wax supplier to add fo at 185, hope this helps.

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I wait until the wax has cooled to around 100 degrees. It has already started to become slushy. You want the wax to cool so that it doesn't burn off your FO. My candles have a very strong scent throw. Hope the helps.

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I have very minimum scent throw when I heat to 185, 150, 135, etc., then adding my FO and stirring for 2 minutes and cooling before I pour. I'm going to try melting to 180 then cooling the wax to 100 and adding my FO as stated above and see what happens. I'm using an 8 oz Libbey Interlude glass container and an HTP 93 papercore wick. Burn quality is great and slow but the scent throw.... ugh!

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