Does anyone know...???

CraftyGirl75February 12, 2003

Hey guys. I just placed a huge order for molds. Yippee!! I got all the new victorian molds, celtic molds, feet, dragonfly, bees and lots of others. BUT - I am looking for small soap molds - rectange, like the size of sample Nutregena bars. They must be about 1.5" x 2". Small. Anyone have a source for these? I found only one place and it comes as a single. How crazy is that? Any help is appreciated.


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I'm just lurking again :) Found this site in my travels though, thought it might help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: soap wizards mold

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Maybe there is some kind of ice cube tray that will work for you??

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check on this page, i think that's where i got mine. they're pretty small and i think about the size you're looking for.


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go to Kmart and pick up one of the Martha Stewart utensil trays...they are with the silverware separater things (the things you put in the silverware drawer to hold the stuff)LOL...anyway, she has one that is separated into three compartments lengthwise. It is perfectly rectangular, no weird markings on the bottom, and makes 18 5oz bars of soap at one time. Perfect can then cut these bars in half for 2 1/2 oz sample bars. The mold itself is like 7 dollars, it's frosted clear very hard plastic, and perfect for any type of rectangular bar of soap you can make. It is a Martha Stewart item and has a sticker on it with her name on it. I found them in the kitchen have to look, but they are there.


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Heather...sorry, I was tired last night...didn't mean to call you Hazel! LOL Hope you find what you need.

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don't ya just love the Soap Goat? I've always had good luck with the things I've ordered there - and I always want the new stuff (lol) I've used her molds for just about everything: soap, fizzies, papermache, saltdough, even for chocolate nad jello jigglers when I first get them (don't think I want to use them for chocolate after soap):>karenb

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